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"Plastic in the water and what you can do about it"

Sea in greenhouse

Water is gentle, sparkling, rushing and sometimes even raging. Unfortunately, water is often polluted, dirty and interspersed with micro-plastic. We Berliners don't see, feel or taste that in our daily use. But people and animals worldwide are suffering increasingly from the pollution of our sea and water. 
The high consumption of plastic packaging is particularly impactful here.
If they are incorrectly disposed of in the environment, they can end up as microplastic in organisms via the food chain. To put an end to the plastic flood, we need to be aware of the effects of packaging and consumption. 
You can experience firsthand what it feels like to be surrounded by a sea of plastic in the greenhouse of the Berliner Stadtreinigung on Steinplatz in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Here you will see what it means that an average of 7,000 plastic bottles are consumed in just five minutes in Berlin alone. The sea of plastic bottles invites visitors to take a different bath in the crowd. 
With this staging, the Berliner Stadtreinigung wants to set an example for the use of reusable packaging and encourage more conscious consumption. There are many ways to reduce your own plastic consumption. The Berliner Stadtreinigung on site has a number of ideas and solutions that are easy to implement. Have fun experiencing and rethinking!

The installation will be placed at Steinplatz on the first of August until 31st of August. You are welcome to come visit it.


by Jochen Kirch/ Peperoni

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Photos by: Jochen Peperoni

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