Preserve water. Plant a bottle. Every water bottle contains a message aiming to contribute for the preservation of our planet. Add yours. 


Help raising awareness about the importance of each of us to contribute for the existence of life in this planet. Answers given by participants will be also available on an online platform, having a national and international reach. The art action will be promoted on the artist social media channel, as well Food Art Week and Entretempo Kitchen Gallery.

The installation will be placed at Steinplatz on the first of August until 31st of August. You are welcome to come visit us.

Please contribute with a sentence, a poem, or an idea on how to preserve water. Every bottle drop counts.

Leave your message. Leave your poem. Leave your idea on how to preserve water on planet Earth. Your message will be added to the installation.


by Rose Merriman, Giovanni Giorgi

Glass water bottles kindly provided by Bio Water Company:


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