Tainá Guedes is a Berlin-based artist, food activist, book author and formed cook, born in Brazil in 1978, works on different projects on how we conceive food in a cultural and social context. Art becomes an extension of the kitchen – and food a common base for expressing and sharing thoughts and ideas. Tainá’s work explores the political and social impact of food as a manifestation of history, sociology, geography, science, philosophy and communication.

She is the founder of Entretempo Kitchen Gallery and Food Art Week.

Nichts verschwenden,

kreativ kochen, gesund essen,

Tainá GUEDES 2017

Verlag Antje Kunstmann

ISBN 978-3956141355


Kochen mit Brot, 

Tainá Guedes, 2014

Second edition by oakum Verlag

ISBN 978-3865816962

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